Panorama Art Studio

..because there is more to Art!

Tera Irada Kya Hai Bol?! ;)

Are you interest in acting? Do you just love the camera? Always wanted to do something for your love of music/films? If yes, then an opportunity awaits you at Panorama Art Studio!!

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Hope to see you soon!! ;) :)
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We work with everything that falls under the umbrella of "Art".

More about services coming soon..

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About Team Panorama

Panorama Art Studio (PAS) is a home for every form of Art. Panorama Art Studio is born out of a deep love for the arts. We work with and for everything that you can call art! We, at Panorama Art Studio help provide a hassle free solutions to our clients so they can focus on only their performance and leave everything else to us! We are a team of enthusiastic like-minded people. We work together relentlessly striving to be the most authentic, innovative and reliable organization. Our belief is working with a Panoramic View that spans across every minute facet of the work that we do. Panorama Art Studio is a perfect blend of management and art. To thrive and grow, any art form needs to be well managed and the "PAS" team is here for exactly that! We pride ourselves on our creativity, professionalism and sensitivity towards client needs and requirements. With Panorama you will get exactly what you ask for but in a better way!

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Omkar Kukade

Founder | Photographer | Cinematographer

"The Brains"

image 2

Swapnil Pandit

Head-Operations | Actor | Poet

"The Limbs"

image 3

Prachi Jagtap


"The Face, The Eyes, The Words

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Contact Panorama



+91 9890837422

Mailing Address

1542, Sadashiv Peth,
Maharashtra, India
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